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In order to capitalize on these salary producing opportunities, you must first obtain a license as a Certified or Sherriff Appointed Process Server. This license is obtained through testing by either the Sheriff’s office or the Courts Administrator of the Judicial Circuit that you apply in. This test examines your understanding and knowledge of, the laws and rules that govern Service of Process. Passing this test is the prerequisite to being able to capitalize on these salary producing opportunities.

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The book “Process Service 101” review Florida Statutes Chapter 48 line-by-line. The author then explain in simpler terms, a narrative of what was just read. The book contains 12 chapters. Following each chapter that instructs a “Process Server” with directions on service of process, there will be a mock test. Each mock test will examine the reader’s retention and comprehension of Florida Statutes Chapter 48 that was recently covered. These mock test will also familiarize the participant with the types of questions that will be asked on an actual Sheriff’s or Court Administrator’s examination. Practice test 1-11 are given as chapter review test. Practice test 12 consist of all of the questions from tests 1-11 mixed together out of sequential order as the actual Sheriffs or Court Administrator’s examination will be. Therefore giving you an actual experience of taking an actual process server examination.


Each mock test is timed and graded upon completion. If the users scores less than 50%, the score card will give a recomendation to “review and retake exam at a later date”. If the user scores 50% or greater, the score card will display your score and display all of your correct and incorrect answers. A 70% score on the actual Sheriffs or Court Administrator’s test is a passing score..


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This section contains practice examinations for Process Service 101 book readers. These practice examine allows the user to test his or her level of retention and comprehension of the material just covered in the text. Each examination is timed and will be graded upon completion of each exam. Once the user examination is graded, the user will be allowed to review his or her answers and afforded an insight of their level of comprehension and retention of Florida Statues Chapter 8, the laws governing service of process.

Chapter 6 Practice Test




Chapter 8 Practice Test




Chapter 10 Practice Test




Chapter 11 Practice Test




Chapter 12 Practice Test

Chapter 1 Practice Test




Chapter 2 Practice Test




Chapter 3 Practice Test




Chapter 4 Practice Test




Chapter 5 Practice Test

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